Soybean Seed Treatment

Save money and let us treat your seed for you!

Most seed companies can charge up to $14/unit of treated soybeans for a full fungicide/insectide package.

With the use of a high quality generic seed treatment, we can offer the same benefits at almost half the cost of others treatments. We offer a treatment package with multiple fungicides to protect against Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium, and Pytopthora as well as one of the most widely used insecticides to provide early season control of most foliar and soil insect pests.

Bring your soybeans to us or we have a mobile treater and can treat your beans at your farm.  What we need to treat on farm:

  • Forklift or other means to pickup and move boxes/bags
  • Will not refill sacks, so adequate storage or customer tender/semi to treat into
  • Access to clean water

Contact us today to review your treatment needs!