Seed Opportunities

Because we believe no one company offers the best hybrid for every scenario,  we work with numerous seed manufacturers to provide a complete solution to producers allowing them to maximize their return on every acre. We provide producers access to a wide variety of corn, soybean, alfalfa, cover crop, and grass seed so that we can offer producers the right product for the right acre. 

Seed Partners


Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

Family Owned, F.I.R.S.T. Proven

Latham’s philosophy is simple: produce high-quality products bred for local conditions. And it works: 772 Top 10 Finishes in Corn, 804 Top 10 Finishes in Soybeans, and counting.

Midwest Seed Genetics

Midwest exists to serve you, our customer. The most important job everyone at Midwest has is to listen to you and deliver solutions that bring value to your operation, business and life.

Day in and day out, season after season, our focus will never stray from helping you create the greatest success from our product. If we can deliver this and help you succeed, we simply ask that you take us with you.

LG Seeds

You work in acres, not hours. Your boardroom is a tailgate. And some days you spend as much time digging through data as you do digging in dirt. The last thing you need is some seed company selling you the same bill of goods they sell everyone else. What you need is a partner focused on what matters to you: a successful business and a stronger bottom line.

At LG Seeds, We Mean Business. From our scientists in the lab to our agronomists and dealers in the field, we take a team approach to maximize your success from field to yield. Every day, we roll up our sleeves and get down to business with you — the business of helping you grow.

Jacobsen Seeds

Autumn 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of Jacobsen Seed, and it’s hard to put into words how honored we are to still be serving our customers as an independent, family-owned seed company. Through years of hard work and determined focus, “Our Dedication is Your Success” isn’t just our tagline, it is the root of who we are. We are dedicated to providing the best seed choices available, ensuring each farmer’s needs are met to help maximize their yields. We are dedicated to providing our expertise and hands-on service to every customer who puts their trust in us. Because we know that together our dedication is your success. 

Epley Hybrids

Our Motto is Dependability of Yield, not a desire of most acres under production.  A vast difference exists between Epley Bothers Hybrids and the mass-produced varieties offered by other companies and brought to market based off a large area of averaged performance.  With conditions being so different across the country, can you afford to plant average hybrids on your farm?

Other Seed Partners

Contact us today to learn about other seed brands we partner with to offer you the best options for your operations!